Nothing is Mediated, 2017

Artist Statement:

I am initially struck by the inexplicable beauty of a flower. I start thinking, describing to myself this beauty. I name it, explain it, and something odd happens. It is as though I have stopped really seeing the flower in front of me. I look at it as though it were a picture, or an idea of a beautiful flower. As that initial beauty becomes known, it dies.

This kind of experience is not limited to flowers. It occurs when I attempt to know myself, when I know this body, when I know others, when I know the spaces and places surrounding me. The immediate depth and movement of life is seized, flattened into static images, and segmented into words; and these representations are confused to be the real thing.

It is easy to become trapped. I cannot escape this confusion by writing, reading, or critically thinking about it, as these are all forms of it. 

These works are investigating a different strategy. They are exploring how mediation inevitably fails to be convincing. They are presenting that failure as an immediate, sensuous experience, as something that can be watched the way we watch flowers.

Something funny happens, that pressure for things to be what we believe they are is released in mobility. We don’t take ourselves so seriously. The description isn’t taken to be the described, and we become less frictious to the sensuous depth of lived experience.