Greenhaus Deco. is a boutique destination for body care and lifestyle indulgences for the romantic at heart. Greenhaus Deco. is here to lovingly remind you to slow down and feel good taking care of yourself so you can show up and enjoy a deeply passionate lifestyle.

The brand's new visual identity embodies these values by embracing the warmth and personality of art nouveau, taking something teeming with naturalism and nostalgia and pouring it back into a clean, modern mold to fit the times.

Roles: Creative/Art Direction, Illustration, Design, and Photography

To position Greenhaus Deco. as a destination for living a slow, romantic, and connected lifestyle, we wanted the visual style to feel at once elevated and sensuously down to earth.

To achieve this, I developed a visual balance of organic > curved art nouveau inspired forms, hand drawn illustration elements, warm photographic sensibilities, and modern design trends utilizing gradients, opalescence, and empty space. Thematically, we arrived at the timeless archetypal imagery of expansive and intimate femininity: the wide open ocean - the contained pearl within.

All of these elements are carefully balanced in the branding, product design, and marketing visuals to create a consistent sense of beautiful nostalgia that one can step into and enjoy in their day-to-day life.

I created an interactive links page with different buttons displayed inside the background image.

A major priority for the packaging design was user experience, reusability, and recyclability. Because of this, glass and metal vessels were prioritized and I designed adhesive-free, hassle-free labels for each body care product. These labels are either fastened using the tensile strength of paper or tied to the vessels, allowing for eye-catching, illustrated cutouts.

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