Reimagined book cover concept design for Alan Watts's autobiography In My Own Way.

Alan Watts was a very compelling philosopher and public figure in the interpretation and dissemination of Eastern spiritual ideologies (including Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism) for modern Western audiences in the 20th century. In his autobiography, he recounts his remarkable journey and his perspectives about life in his uniquely entertaining and endearing voice.

A major theme in Watts's philosophical perspective is polarity - the idea that meaning is dualistic and that the perceived differences between things is precisely what unifies them as mutually interdependent. In his writings and speeches, he would often make comments revealing simple, profound truths such as that you can't have a front without a back, you can't have dark without light, you can't have a self without others. It is through his unique understanding of unity and his compelling style of communication that he shared his philosophical and religious ideas - helping countless people understand how to go with life, rather than against it.

I designed the book cover with visual polarities so that each section and word stands in oppositional unity to the elements around it. Additionally, I used textures reminiscent of Eastern traditional painting surfaces. These considerations serve to subtly nod towards his Eastern influences while also amplifying the double entendre of his perfectly witty title.

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