Growing a brand's identity from the ground up. 

For the Greenhaus Deco. rebrand, we ditched everything to start fresh. We leveraged the warmth and personality of art nouveau, pouring it back into a clean, modern mold so it can fit in and stand out in the contemporary body care market space. 

Beginning with the logo design, we sought to evoke forms shared by nature and the human body. Through an art nouveau lens, we carefully balanced the logo's elegance, approachability, and memorability, taking something that could feel old and bringing it to life in a modern, tasteful way.  

In an effort to increase the reusability and recyclability of the product vessels, we opted for adhesive-free labels which can be tied to the vessels, allowing for eye-catching, illustrated cutouts. 

We also developed adhesive free labels that use the tensile strength of paper to fasten to the vessel. 

Naturalistic, Elegant, and Irresistible.

I am excited to see how the brand grows from this fresh start.

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